Set a Goal

“A Goal without a plan is just a wish”. Set your goal first.

Join a group

"There is immense power when a group of people with similar interests gets together to work on the same goals”. We help you choose a group which suits you.

Start investing

“Save before you Spend” - Warren Buffet. We help you unlock your savings potential.

Borrow future savings

“A penny saved is a penny earned” - Benjamin Franklin. We help you realize your time value of money.

Why should you invest in IBG eChits


A Vacation in Every Year

Best vacations are always Free! We don't promise you that, but we promise you vacations free of stress!


Freedome to Buy a Home

Whether it's the down-payment or the full amount, design the goal and leave the rest to us.

credit card

No Credit Card Worries

Don't work for money, make money work for you. Rs.4000 invested monthly for 2 yrs could give you Rs. upto 1 Lac from day 1.

rainy days

Money For a Rainy Day

Emergencies do not come with a scheduled appointment. Park some money, every month, in your emergency fund. Want to automate it?

About Us


Transparency = Trust

At IBG we believe that trust is the foundation of our relationship with customer. We believe that transparency is the currency of the TRUST. We systematically and proactively share information with customer and other stake holders. All the approvals are shared upfront with the customer and we follow strict TAT for verification and prize distribution.


No Hidden Cost = Higher Return

Customers invest with us for their dream. We ensure that every rupee you save with us work for your dreams. All the charges are shared upfront. There are no hidden costs in our plans. Rupee saved on costs is Rupee earned for you dream.


Online Auctions = Convenience

In traditional system of auctions, customer has to come all the way through traffic and pollution to chit office for 5 mins auction duration and most of the time they have to take leave from their working place. If he does not make it by the time, he has to wait for a month to get one more chance. For the first time in India, we bring online auction to your mobile phone. Sit in the comforts of your office or home and participate in transparent and efficient online process.


Multiple Auctions = Liquidity

We understand that you are participating in auction as you have urgent need for money. We give you multiple chances at winning bids there by improving liquidity.

Latest Plans

IBG ECHITS benefits

IBG is going to be the first registered chit fund company to run completely on blockchain. Here are some of the benefits.

  • Lower interest rate than PL
  • More returns than SIP
  • ZERO market risk
  • Better return than RD
  • No hidden Charges
  • Online auction
  • Complete transparency
  • Only registered chits
  • Multiple auctions
  • Plan your Bids

Your traditional trusted chits now in Digital Makeover